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Title Summary
Attune Attune
Unbroken Unblockable and direct damage with control
Golden Age Firestorm team by Zack Pope
Who needs ramp? Focuses on getting cheap fiends out fast.
Bolt Action Rare Manticore & Pyro combo
Mutated Web Aggro based on Tangled web
Orion's Belt Discipling the opponent by attacking.
Kick Sides Sidekick team
The Field Marvel 'When fielded' team
Bringing Havok All shield team, Havok as star
FI-YAH All bolt team, all fire related
Yellow Toad Yellow/Orange monochrome team
Bag of rainbow Multi colored Lantern Team
Awaken X-Men Awaken
Superman discount team team by Brandon Herrin
Action Club Marvel Based around actions
Got G? Guardians of the Galaxy
Superman/Wonder Woman First attempt at Superman/wonder Woman team
Mask Team Great to play with

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